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Mother and Father, This Is Your Baby's Sign of Oversimulation

Playing cilukba or just holding a baby for a walk is a stimulation needed for baby's development. I was so happy to play with Little, do not let the stimulation given is excessive (overstimulation) and cause adverse effects. The development of a baby's brain is strongly influenced by the stimulation it receives, it can be in the form of sound stimulation, touch, or play activity. However, do not let the stimulation that Mother and Father give excessive, so that instead it has a negative impact for the Little One. Come on, recognize what are the signs of an overstimulated baby. Signs of Overstimulation in Infants Overstimulation of the baby will be very burdensome and make him tired. This condition will increase the production of the hormone cortisol, a stress hormone that can affect various body functions, including brain function. Therefore, Mother and Father need to recognize signs of overstimulation in the baby, so as not to provide excessive stimulation to the Little
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Types of Exercise to Overcome Erectile Dysfunction

There are various types of exercise to overcome erectile dysfunction that you can do. Exercise is considered effective for blood circulation, including the intimate organs, so that it can improve your erectile function. Erectile dysfunction or impotence is generally not a dangerous condition. However, if left too long, erectile dysfunction can cause a variety of new problems, such as lack of self-confidence, stress, excessive anxiety, and even depression. Therefore, let's recognize the variety of sports to overcome erectile dysfunction. This is the Variety of Sports to Overcome Erectile Dysfunction Here are some types of exercise and physical exercise that are recommended to overcome erectile dysfunction: 1. Relax walk A study shows that routine relaxing for 30 minutes every day has the potential to reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction. If done routinely, a leisurely walk is believed to improve stamina and sexual activity. 2. Swim Cardiovascular exercise, like swimming

Varicose veins in pregnant women, these causes and how to overcome them

Varicose veins in pregnant women generally occur due to the influence of pregnancy hormones, the uterus is getting bigger, and an increase in the amount of blood in the body when pregnant. The good news, there are natural ways to deal with varicose complaints. Varicose veins in pregnant women generally occur in the legs, in the vaginal area or also called vaginal varicose veins, and around the buttocks and anus called hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids. Varicose veins are a condition in which the blood vessels closest to the surface of the skin experience widening and swelling. Varicose veins cause blood vessels to become blue or purple and bulge out. Its squiggly shape resembles a knot or rope with varying sizes, can look terrible and interfere with appearance. Varicose veins in pregnant women also cause some discomfort, including heavy and sore feet, skin around the varicose veins feels itchy, throbbing, and feels sore. These symptoms tend to get worse in the afternoon until the evening,